1. Whitney's Playland
    San Francisco, California
  2. Spice World
    WA, Australia
  3. Model Shop
    Seattle, Washington
  4. The Smashing Times
    Baltimore, Maryland
  5. Jim Nothing
    Christchurch, New Zealand
  6. Slack Times
    Birmingham, Alabama
  7. Best Bets
    Rangiora, New Zealand
  8. Stephen's Shore
    Stockholm, Sweden
  9. Sad Eyed Beatniks
    San Francisco, California
  10. semi trucks
    Los Angeles, California
  11. Rural France
    England, UK
  12. Wurld Series
    Christchurch, New Zealand
    Hamilton, Ontario
  14. The Telephone Numbers
    San Francisco, California
  15. Wicketkeeper
    London, UK
  16. Fort Not
    Kungälv, Sweden
  17. The Roves
    London, UK
  18. Holy Tunics
    New York
  19. Sprinters
    Manchester, UK
  20. Poppel
    Turnhout, Belgium
  21. Sumos
    Manchester, UK


Meritorio Records Madrid, Spain

Meritorio is a small independent record label based in Madrid, Spain.

Meritorio has just teamed up with new mailorder fulfilment partner in the USA, so we can now offer cheap USA shipping for customers in the US. Orders from the rest of the world are shipped from Spain.
Shipping rates for orders of 2 or more records are very cheap (worldwide)!
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